Bayley says she’ll ‘never give up hope’ that Sasha Banks will return to WWE

Bayley may not be wrestling under the same organization or even in the same country as her good friend Mercedes Varnado, the artist formerly known as Sasha Banks in the WWE, and now known as Mercedes Mone in NJPW, any longer but that hasn’t stopped her from showing her support; Bayley explained that Mercedes has been there for all of her big moments, so it’s only natural that she’d reciprocate the favor — which included flying to Japan to see Mercedes’ first match for NJPW in the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom.

“I went there on my own,” Bayley told Ariel Helwani in a BT Sport video chat. “There was a few of us that flew out there just because she’s been there for all my big moments. Even as she hasn’t been part of the company and I’ve made my return and I’ve had my big matches, like, she’s there for me. So, of course, I want to be there for her. We’ve done so much together in WWE. She means so much to me and so much to the wrestling world, like, I have to be there for this moment.”

Bayley continued, “I literally flew out right after Raw, got to Japan two hours before the show started and raced over there and made it. Met everybody there and sat in the crowd, kind of, incognito. It was so magical to be there for her and I just knew how important it was to her. She just loves this. Everybody knows how much she loves this and how much wrestling means to her and how much WWE means to her and she wouldn’t be there without WWE. So, I think it meant a lot to her that I was able to go.”

Sasha Banks AKA Mercedes Mone/NJPW YouTube

When asked if there were still any chance that Mercedes would return to the WWE, Bayley responded that she hasn’t given up hope.

“I’ll say yes because this is her home, this is her dream,” Bayley continued. “I love to see what she’s doing and what’s she going to be doing over the next few months. She’s going to literally take over the world, take the world by storm but I know this is her home and where her heart is. And by her heart, I mean me, she needs to come back to me. I need her, I need my travel partner.”

What do you think of the fact that Bayley says she’ll ‘never give up hope’ that Sasha Banks will return to WWE? Would you like to see Sasha Banks return to the WWE? Or have you been enjoying her run as Mercedes Mone in NJPW? Let us know in the comments.

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