Second Super Bowl win for Patrick Mahomes would warrant Tom Brady comparisons, says Jamaal Charles

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to lead his team to their third Super Bowl appearance in the past four seasons against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. Such regularity in making it to the big game is impressive enough for the 27-year-old Tyler, Texas native, one that firmly etch Mahomes’ name in the highest echelon of quarterbacks. In fact, says former star Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, a second super bowl for Patrick Mahomes would warrant Tom Brady comparisons.

“He’s definitely passed me for sure for being the all-time greatest Chief player already with what he’s accomplished,” former Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles told Fox News Digital. “He’s already won a Super Bowl and he’s been to the Super Bowl three times. He’s definitely one of the greatest all-time Chiefs players, and Travis Kelce as well.”

Charles believes that a second Super Bowl win for Patrick Mahomes would elevate the young quarterback past mere “best player on the Chiefs” discussions and start speculation on what his legacy would be concerning the all-time NFL greats list.

“If he wins this, it’s not about the Chiefs – it’s what his legacy (will be) in the NFL. Can he continue to be chasing Tom Brady. That’s basically the goal. Everybody’s gonna start comparing him.”

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Charles, who played in 11 seasons on three different teams in the NFL, nine of which were spent on the Chiefs, had five seasons where he rushed for over 1,000 yards, including a career high 1,509 with the Chiefs in 2012. The following season in 2013, Charles rushed for 1,287 yards, scored 7 touchdowns and hauled in a career high 70 receptions, making him a bonafide fantasy football stud in addition to a real life one. Overall, Charles rushed for 7,563 yards in his career and scored 44 rushing touchdowns. He made it clear that he’s confident in the chances of Mahomes and the Chiefs to secure a win in Super Bowl LVII.

“I’m a hundred (percent confident) being a Chiefs player,” Charles said. “A lot of people don’t believe so it kinda makes me feel like I should believe. I’m like why? A lot of people think the Eagles are going to win. But I believe in coach Andy Reid. They do an awesome job of preparing their players before a bye and preparing them for a game. I know everybody in the locker room is gonna be soaked up and ready to play.”

Charles added that the experience level of Mahomes and the Chiefs core has only been enriched by their previous Super Bowl appearances and will also solidify their chances come Sunday.

“Some of the guys have already been on that stage before and some of the Eagles players have been on the stage as well – some of the defensive guys – but we have offensive guys’ experience and we have defensive guys’ experience.”

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