Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship is ‘100 percent fake,’ former UFC fighter Paige Van Zant says

Though some (including Travis Kelce himself) might consider the still feverish following of the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship overdone, the coverage of the insanely popular pop singer and the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end’s pairing hasn’t subsided in the least. One former athlete isn’t buying any of it however.

“I think that the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce ‘love story,’ I believe it’s 100 percent fake,” Van Zant said on a recent episode of her podcast “Page and Austin”. Van Zan then egged on Taylor Swift’s fanbase, the widely-known “Swifties,” noting that she was apathetic as to whether or not the singer’s rabid fanbase came after her due to her opinion on Swift’s relationship being disingenuous.

“Come for me, Swifties.’ I have UFC fans coming for me, I think I can handle the “Swifties.’”

Van Zant added that the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship was one being done with publicity in mind, stating that Swift’s intent was tapping into a market that she hadn’t previously explored. And perhaps vice-versa as well.

Paige Van Zant in the 2019 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition/Walter Chin, SI

“It is publicity. It is — one, it’s huge for the NFL because yes, the NFL is big. Taylor Swift is huge and now she’s getting an entirely different demographic to come watch the NFL,” VanZant continued. “Think of the wives that are buying Travis Kelce jerseys now. It’s a huge publicity play on both fronts. It’s good for Taylor Swift, it’s good for the NFL, it’s good for Travis Kelce. There is so much strategic stuff that’s happening.”

Van Zant fought in the UFC from 2013 to 2020 in the strawweight and flyweight divisions. She amassed an 8 win and 5 loss record during that time, with two wins by knockout and three by submission. She has also appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition in 2019, as a professional wrestler for All Elite Wrestling and currently runs her o

Do you agree with Paige Van Zant’s comments on the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship being “100% fake?” Or do you think that Swelce are already so famous that they have nothing much to gain from their celebrity pairing? Should the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship be called “Swelce” like we just designated it a sentence ago? Sound off in the comments.

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