Booker T: “I don’t know what Tony Khan’s fixation with WWE is”

WWE Hall of Famer recently took to his “Hall of Fame” podcast, where he further expressed his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan and what Booker perceives to be Khan’s hyperfixation on the WWE. On the previous installment of Booker’s podcast, he addressed comments which Khan made about the “Tuesday Night War” between AEW and NXT, particularly about the Undertaker and John Cena, in that Undertaker and John Cena would be appearing in front of less than a million people for the first time in WWE programming when they appeared on NXT on Tuesday.

“Tony Khan got hell of a product, he’s got a hell of a thing going,” Booker T said regarding Tony Khan’s fixation with WWE. “But I really think, just like WCW, they focused on WWE. They tried to counterprogram every Monday Night, what they were doing. I really think WCW thought themselves right out of the War, because they were thinking about winning and beating WWE when they had a hell of a product already.”

In terms of ratings, NXT ended up beating AEW the Tuesday night which featured Undertaker and Cena and Booker T was quick to address Khan’s jab.

The Undertaker appeared on the October 10th edition of NXT to chokeslam rising star Bron Breakker/WWE NXT YouTube

“NXT went out there and did the damn thing, man. They went out there and did the damn thing. 921K views and AEW did 609K. That’s a vast difference, man. That’s a huge difference, 300,00 people,” Booker T said. “People can say what they want to say. You know, the one person I’ve always tried to stay off of, you know, I try not to dig at Tony Khan or anything like that, just because he’s got to try to run a business, but at the same time, I got to take a dig at this last comment that he made about the NXT rating. He said that it was the first time that John Cena and The Undertaker appeared in front of less than a million people for WWE, and the thing is, he’s got Edge. He’s got Christian over there. He’s got all those guys and they’ve never performed in front of 600,000. So it’s like, when you say stuff like that, you might want to think about it before you say stuff like that, you know, because Edge was in the main event. Edge was in the main event of that show, and they drew 609K. The thing is, I’m sure Tony Khan thought that there was going to be a bigger number. I can’t be positive on this, but I would imagine that Tony could would have imagined that AEW Dynamite probably would have got a bigger number, and the thing is, I’m sure Tony Khan would have been gloating, basking in it as far as, you know, if the numbers would have been flipped, just say for instance. I’m sure Tony Khan would have been, It would have been a party. It would have been a celebration if they would have actually won. So it’s just like, I don’t know what Tony Khan’s modus operandi is. I don’t know what his fixation is on WWE.”

Boker T added, “I just don’t see the big picture. I don’t mind trash talk. I don’t mind the boys trash talking. When the boss is doing it, doesn’t that feel a little childish to you?”

Booker T went on to add that he thinks Tony Khan’s fixation with the WWE, which extends to social media jabs, is unprofessional and “unboss-like” behavior.

“In doing that kind of internet stuff, it just doesn’t seem like a boss to me, and I’ve said this before about Tony Khan as far as him being a boss, being a leader. That’s what that company I think needs more than anything, and I’ve said that before, leadership, and Tony Khan going on social media tweeting, this is not leadership.”

Do you think Tony Khan’s fixation with the WWE, as Booker T would say, is unprofessional? Or does it add fuel to the fire between the two wrestling organizations? Let us know in the comments.

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