Triple H explains why Cody Rhodes lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

Even though it seemed like the storybook ending of Cody Rhodes unseating Roman Reigns as the longstanding, undisputed WWE champion at WrestleMania 39 had a good chance of coming true, the Tribal Chief was able to secure the victory and extend the impressive, enduring reign with his heavyweight titles once more at the main event of the Grandest Stage of them All (with some help from his cousin, Solo Sikoa). Sorry, Jeff Jarrett.

Triple H explains why Cody Rhodes wasn’t able to “finish the story” like he claimed he would and what might be in Cody Rhodes’ future in the press conference following WrestleMania 39 last night.

“Maybe for a lot of people [it was] a shocking outcome, right?” Triple H said What I will say about that is it’s always interesting to me when people say ‘how could that happen or how could they do that in that moment.’ And it’s almost perfectly spelled out in this story – I need to finish the story. In the WWE, the story never finishes.”

Triple H continued, “Tomorrow night on RAW in a sold-out Arena, the story continues. The story takes another chapter. We just got to the end of the chapter, but the story continues and that’s where this gets interesting to me. That is what is the most amazing thing about our business, the story never ends.”

Cody Rhodes/WWE YouTube

While there’s always the possibility that Triple H could legitimately be upset that Cody Rhodes destroyed his throne at AEW Double or Nothing in 2019 (from a shoot perspective), he did commend Cody Rhodes for the journey he’s made in his pro wrestling tenure thus far.

“To see that journey, to see him go through all those things, it’s incredibly strong. It’s an incredibly tough journey and [it takes] an incredibly tough person to do that. And to do that in this business is really difficult and he’s done it, and tonight, if anything, he proved and earned his place at the top of this business, and I really mean that as a performer, athlete, businessman and as a man, he earned his place in this business tonight.”

What do you think about Triple H’s explanation about why Cody Rhodes lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39? Were you upset that Cody Rhodes didn’t become the new undisputed WWE champion at WrestleMania 39? Let us know in the comments.

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