Bianca Belair on Bayley: ‘She’s one of the Four Horsewomen that doesn’t get as much credit as she should’

You might not be able to tell from the intense animosity they display towards one another in the squared circle, but WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has the utmost respect for Bayley. Belair believes that Bayley is the only member of The Four Horsewomen who doesn’t get the respect that she deserves.

“I love Bayley. I feel like she’s one of the Four Horsewomen that doesn’t get as much credit as she should. She does so much that’s not for herself. Anybody that she steps in the ring with, she brings the best out of them and that’s what she did for me,” Belair said in a recent episode of Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast on Spotify.

Belair cited the Last Woman Standing match that she and Bayley had at November 2022’s Crown Jewel event, which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and featured such high spots as Bayley hitting Belair with a leaping clothesline from the barricade, Belair dropping Bayley onto steel steps, and the use of weapons such as a road case, ladders, and even a golf cart.

Bayley vs Bianca Belair/WWE YouTube

“I remember our Last Woman Standing match in particular,” Belair continued. “I was watching a lot of other Last Woman, Last Man Standing matches and you have your table spots and you have your ladder spots and your chair spots. We just wanted to make it as creative as possible and different. We’ve always been able to do that because Bayley is amazing in the ring physically, but when it comes to mentally, her creative mind is so amazing. We were able to create some amazing and iconic moments in that Last Woman Standing match like the golf cart. Like, we’re in Saudi Arabia and there’s women driving golf carts. That doesn’t happen all the time. It was really cool to create these fun and unique moments for these matches. The ladder match as well, that was our goal. Bayley is one of my favorite competitors to go up against.”

What do you think of the comments made by Bianca Belair on Bayley? Is Bayley one of the Four Horsewomen that doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves? Let us know in the comments.

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