LA Knight should speak up to the WWE about getting a push, Mark Henry says

Some professional wrestlers just have a knack for getting the crowd behind them despite not having the benefit of a push (in wrestling terms, a push is a character being purposely booked to become more popular or kayfabe hated with the fans) and one of the biggest examples of that lately in the WWE is LA Knight.

Knight, who had the crowd chanting his name in the Rocket Arena in Cleveland, Ohio during his appearance on last night’s Monday Night Raw, made his thoughts clear on the participants in the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match, including Logan Paul, who he described as “useless as basketball cleats” and someone who “makes videos for 14-year-old girls and wants to call himself a megastar.”

Though LA Knight seems to be getting over with the crowd in impressive fashion, former WWE superstar and Olympian powerlifter Mark Henry says LA Knight should speak up to the WWE about getting a push.

“It sucks, man, that there have been times, and Bully can attest to that, that somebody gets over naturally and organically, and then they say, ‘Well, he’s already getting over, let’s do something with somebody else,’ rather than pile it on that guy,” Henry said on Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM.

“Pour the gasoline on the fire. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Say something. ‘Will y’all do something with me, please? I’m busting my ass, I’m getting over.’ I don’t know if LA Knight is doing that,” Henry continued.

LA Knight/WWE

Henry added that LA Knight should at least address the situation by “lobbying” for himself and if that isn’t met with a favorable response by WWE management, then he’ll have a better idea of where he stands.

“You gotta lobby for yourself and if they say no, then you know what the deal is. When your contract comes up, don’t try to renew,” Henry added.

Do you think LA Knight should speak up to the WWE about getting a push like Mark Henry suggested? Sound off in the comments.

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