Joe Joyce’s ‘chin definitely has a time-limit on it,’ says Deontay Wilder’s trainer

British professional boxer Joe Joyce had an impressive year in 2022, locking down a fourth-round TKO win against Christian Hammer and a 11th round knockout win against Joseph Parker, the latter of which made him the interim WBO title holder and cemented Joyce as a granite-chinned unit who could absorb punches and stalk down opponents with looping punches of his own like a modern day George Foreman mixed with Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

Deontay Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, while impressed with Joe Joyce’s performance and 15-0 undefeated record thus far, believes that time is ticking with regards to how long Joyce will retain his chin of titanium.

“Joe Joyce is known for his toughness and his chin,” Scott said in an interview with iFL TV. “I don’t know how long that is going to last. I know one thing for sure, and that is that it does have a time-limit on it. That chin definitely has a time-limit on it.

Joe Joyce/YouTube

Scott went on to praise Joyce’s durability and in-ring presence.

“If you can’t hurt Joe Joyce, God be with you,” Scott continued. “To me, his pressure and his imposing ways are just as dangerous and lethal as Deontay’s power is. Deontay’s power is very dynamic and skilled, that’s how Joe Joyce’s presence is, that is his gift. It is his blessing that you can not train, it is God-given to be that type of way.”

But quickly warned that continued wars and absorbed punishment would make Joyce a primate target for Deontay Wilder by the time they were to meet in the ring.

“If he is going to fight Deontay,” Scott added, “it should be sometime soon. If he keeps being in these good, entertaining fights, the chin and the stubbornness will wear down, by the time you get to Deontay you are going to basically be on the menu. That’s just what I feel about punch intake, I just believe that it has a time-limit and it is cool and it’s cute for fans to say ‘yay, that guy is tough! Yeah, that guy got a chin’, but that will go away.”

Do you think Joe Joyce’s chin definitely has a time-limit on it? Or is Joe Joyce just a genetic freak with bone density that puts the average boxer to shame? Let us know in the comments.

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